Friday, December 7, 2012

Game Drawing

My game drawing was of the board game "Sorry" and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I like all the different colors  I could use in the board and the colored pencils allowed me to do a lot of different values in color.  Since I drew this board in perspective, I had to use two vanishing points, but it was hard to do because the points were out too far to draw on a piece of paper.  I had to just imagine where they were and draw my lines that way.  After I drew all my lines with the ruler, I went on to add light water color washes to block in the colors before I added detail.  Once I started coloring, I decided where the light source was and you could see the gradation across the board from light to dark.  My game pieces had shadows under them because of the light source.  One of the challenges for me was drawing the actual game pieces and the ellipses.  I think the ellipses ended up looking good though because I blended the colored pencils and added highlights with some colors that I wouldn't normally put there. Another challenge was keeping the water color inside the lines because it runs all over the place.  I learned how to be successful in two point perspective and be precise with my ruler and stay inside the lines with watercolor. 

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