Monday, December 17, 2012

Anamorphosis Drawing


For this anamorphosis drawing, I chose a picture of an object online and then put it in photoshop to distort it.  We had to scale it in a way that made the top wide and bigger than the bottom so it would look like it's coming off the page when we drew it.  The options at the top on the program is where you click on Edit and then go to transform to change, distort, or rotate your picture in anyway.  The goal was to create an image that would look like it's popping off the page when you take a picture of it from an eye level perspective.

The disproportional object was put on a grid to help me draw it correctly.  If I hadn't stretched it on photoshop, I would've had no idea how to draw it in a way that would make it look 3 dimensional.  Something else that helped was the values put in with colored pencils.  There are so many color options rather than just black and white.  That's why the shadow is purple rather than black because it's still dark, but gives it a more colorful look.

The project was successful because the grid helped me draw an accurate version of the disproportionate popsicle.  Also, the color values added depth and the purple shadow helped the popsicle look like it was standing up when we took the photograph from a different perspective.

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