Thursday, October 4, 2012

Print Sketch

Texture is important to have in sketches because in printmaking, you have to have a strong textured outline rather than just a simple outline.  I want the animal to look as realistic as possible when I turn it into a print, so I have to add the fine details in to the sketch.  Since I can't use different colors on the print, I have to use texture!

 I want my animal and its habitat to look original, not like I copied it exactly from a picture.  So when I have several pictures of the animal and several pictures of its background, I can take elements that I like from each picture to create my own!  The background of my fish comes from three different references with different underwater plants.  I wouldn't have been able to do this without so many different sources.
I think my sketch with the fish and the deep sea background will make the strongest print because it fills the page and has texture.  My other two animals don't look as good and have a background that isn't very interesting.  When looking at all three sketches, the fish definitely catches my eye and hopefully it will do the same when I turn it into a print.

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