Thursday, October 4, 2012

Interactive Chalk Murals

My experience working with my team on the interactive chalk murals was great!  Everybody contributed, so the project turned out really well!  I think our idea for the mural was original, because nobody else had thought of it and executing it was kind of difficult, but it worked out in the end.  We had a hard time figuring out where to start on such a big space, so once we had everything sketched out, we were able to color it in and add value.  I think the values on the lockers really make the colors pop, so it was definitely an important element to add.

Collaboration is so important when you work on a team.  We all had to agree on what we were putting on the wall so that everyone knew what was going on and wouldn't be upset if there was something happening that they didn't know about.  It also kept us organized.  We usually all worked on the same thing at the same time because we had to color so many lockers.  I think this helped us stay together during the project.

I thought our project was successful because when we first decided what we were going to draw, we weren't even sure if we could pull it off!  Once we got everything going and got a little help drawing the backpack, everything was much easier.  The final product turned out so much better than we thought it would, so that's why I consider our mural to be successful.

I never knew there was such a thing as "interactive art," so I think having the whole school pose in front of our drawings is really amazing!  Several times I saw people who aren't from art classes looking at the drawings and figuring out how to interact with them!  Involving the school in our work was a good thing because it introduced them to art and may have inspired them to do some of their own!

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