Thursday, September 20, 2012


There were many different steps to drawing this portrait. First, I had to trace all the values we saw in the photograph on a piece of tracing paper, and then I colored the back of the tracing paper to transfer it into my sketchbook.  With the outline of all the values, I was able to fill in the entire face with all the shadows for my final piece.
Since the picture was in black and white, I could see all the shadows on the girl's face and hair.  To trace these values on my paper, I had to put it up to the light on the window because some were harder to see than others.  It was really helpful to have the value chart to compare my drawing to because it helped me figure out how dark or light to shade certain areas.
I think I achieved the full range of value in my portrait.  In some parts of the hair, I was pressing down as hard as I could with my pencil and then in some parts of the face, I was shading as lightly as possible.  I probably have more middle values than anything, so maybe I could've improved by making some areas darker.

My craftmanship on this portrait was neat, but could've been better.  It was hard to make the different values blend together sometimes, so I think some parts look a little bit rough because I was changing the pressure of my pencil.  Other than that, I think my craftmanship was good. There aren't any stray lines and I did my best to make it look neat.
An obstacle I had to overcome was when I was trying to draw the eyes on the portrait.  They have such a distinct shape and there was a wide range of values on and around the eyes.  I was able to deal with it by starting in the center of the eye and working my way out. Also, I made sure I included the highlight in the eye.

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